Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_234_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_234.jpg
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Image: Scan_234_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_234_text.txt:
Dad working on the ditch check
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_235_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_235.jpg
Image: Scan_235_palm.jpg
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Text: Scan_235_text.txt:
Devil in flood
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_236_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_236.jpg
Image: Scan_236_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_236_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_236_text.txt:
Flooding Devil
[upper reach below old road]
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_237_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_237.jpg
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Text: Scan_237_text.txt:
Tapping maples - series
1. Drill hole
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_238_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_238.jpg
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Image: Scan_238_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_238_text.txt:
2. Whittle the spout to size
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_239_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_239.jpg
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Text: Scan_239_text.txt:
3. Let it drip
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_240_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_240.jpg
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Text: Scan_240_text.txt:
3-3/4? It can get cold in maple sap time.
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_241_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_241.jpg
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Text: Scan_241_text.txt:
Cooking supper and sap
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_242_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_242.jpg
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Text: Scan_242_text.txt:
Pouring maple sap into jugs to take home
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_243_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_243.jpg
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Text: Scan_243_text.txt:
Pouring maple sap into jugs
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_254_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_254.jpg
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Text: Scan_254_text.txt:
S. side - Devil bridge site
[1967; looking northerly across river and island]
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_255_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_255.jpg
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Text: Scan_255_text.txt:
Devil overflowing into imp
[1967; north side looking westerly upriver]
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_256_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_256.jpg
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Image: Scan_256_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_256_text.txt:
Ice from spring flood
E of N abut.
[1967; dad and Skippy]
Cardinal/woods/1967/Scan_257_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_257.jpg
Image: Scan_257_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_257_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_257_text.txt:
Flooded Devil