Are you being left behind?

Today, it seems that everyone is a doctor. You may visit a DC, DN, DO, DPM, MD, and OD for you health care. Your lawyer is a JD, your professor a PhD. Perhaps you know an LLD, LittD, ThD, ScD, or EdD. Do you find yourself wanting the prestige of assorted letters following your name? Now you can, by participating in a short, easy program leading to the degree of …

Doctor of Idiopathic Medicine
from the
Wisconsin Institute of Teleopathy

In this program, you will learn all that is known about the origins and prevention of idiopathic diseases and disorders. Completion of this program qualifies you to identify potential susceptibility to somatopsychic idiopathologies and iatrogenic hypochondriases with diagnostic etiologies. This program is especially suitable for people who have had prior contact with the health care system in the US, are employed by the health insurance industry, or who have practiced alternative health care in fields such as diagnostic iridology and physical levitation.

Not into medicine?

We also offer several other advanced programs. Check these out and pick the area that interests you most! Then contact the Wisconsin Institute of Teleopathy for a confidential evaluation of your qualifications. Past academic success, while always helpful, is never as important as your personal life experience and your commitment to advance.

Oraculorum Levum Doctor
Do you yearn to propound advanced advice to colleagues and coworkers? Have you been trying all your life to have the right answer to the right question in every situation? This program will provide you with the tools you need to alleviate the confusion of the alliterates of your acquaintance. This program is especially suitable for the student with advanced life experience. (Reference the OLD-WIT program.)
Otii Diurni Doctor
This is our original program and is designed specifically for the underemployed. Through the use of modern tools such as the internet, you will discover how to apply your innate talents to the improvement of the human mind and spirit. A highly integrative program, best suited to the individual with wide ranging interests. (Reference the ODD-WIT program.)

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