9/18/2023 06:24

A Good Place to Live

This morning we are in the middle of an autumn dry period which means the weather is fair, the sun rising into an open sky and the morning dew settling onto rails and remnant leaves. The coolness of the morning is gentle more than sharp. Shadowed trees stand dark against the brightening sky and civilization manifests as houses neatly lined along the streets and modest cars conveying early workers to their jobs. The birds are up but now they wake in clumps with larger spaces between.

I step into the yard and look at the sky and I say, "What a good place to live for ten years."

Life is more transient now. When I was 1/3 my present age I was the one who seemed transient, flitting into a place for a time and flitting off again to other fields. Now the core of myself stands stable as the houses and the trees while life ebbs past with all its children. There is much to say in favor of the clocking mechanisms of thought which let us consider reality as a series of discretenesses following one after another; clocks made possible mechanics and manufacturing, computers and telephony. But a view of continuity allows the contemplation of eternity.

Well. Neither way of seeing captures the range of actual reality by itself, no one best system administers every day of every life, no one story tells all of the truth. I still am loath to accept the limitations of human understanding but standing in the early morning light behind my house helps me be a little more accepting than I was yesterday.