3/5/2023 19:17

After the Premises Came the Conclusion

I drove home after the discussion of religio-anthropological stories completed. My destination was predetermined the location of my residence; it was not a result of the discussion. The time of my return trip was caused in large part by the timing of the end of the conversation. In playing the actual reality game you would not go far wrong by presuming post conversationem ergo propter conversarionem.

But this is not reliable.

I was named after George Washington (approximately 220 years after him in fact). I was also named after my great uncle Peter (about 80 years after). This allowed my grandfather to speculate that I was also named for or perhaps in honor of his brother. My mother later denied that in a conversation with me.

But there is no question that I was named after Peter.

This might be something the UPI should ponder over based on a number of current news headlines I noticed recently.

Dozens killed after ship carrying migrants wrecks off Italy coast [1]

My thought is that dozens were killed before the ship was wrecked and other dozens may have died in the process of the ship breaking apart and sinking. By this time after the wreck, even more have probably died from a variety of causes in a multiplicity of locations. Post.

Hundreds of thousands still without power after historic Mich. ice storm [2]

It is unlikely nearly so many in Michigan were without power before the storms hit. Based on the selected video clips attached to various news stories my starting hypothesis is that the vast majority of power interruptions came about as a result of ice loading and wind loading, both of which are direct manifestations of the storm. Propter.

Peru recalls ambassador from Mexico after comments by López Obrador [3]

I envision Peru or (more plausibly) some representative or avatar of that nation travelling to Mexico to remember an emissary who was sent by Mexico some time in the past. I do not know why; did the ambassador die? I do not know what AmLo said; perhaps he shamed Peru into making this memorial trip. If I read the article I might have a more complete picture of what the UPI believes happened. Res incognita.

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