1/29/2022 07:50

The County Board Race

In my county board district there is a 3-way race and therefore a primary. I was worried that I wouldn't know anything about any of the cadidates before the February primary election but happily one of them drove to my house and rang my doorbell.

It appeared she targeted me and was not canvassing the entire block. That would be interesting in itself.

"Hi, I am a candidate for county board and I hope I can count on your support."

"And why would I do that?"

"Well, I am a conservative. I believe in the Constitution as being our law. At least one of my opponents is a liberal who wants some far out stuff."

Far out! Now I'm down to just 2 candidates. One is the incumbent and the other was defeated by the incumbent in the last cycle.

I wonder who she thinks might not believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Personally I never met such a person nor have I heard of any candidate for a local election proposing any alternative law. She did not offer to explain how this is relevant to voting in the primary election for county board and I decided not to hold the door open long enough to inquire.

The cadidate also handed me an inkjet printout in lieu of a political flier. It has one picture of her face and another of her nuclear family standing in their living room. They have a fireplace (or at least a mantel). There is no union label.

The pseudo-flier lists her platform:

1. "I will treat your tax dollars as my own." I feel confident that this was offered in all simplicity and that she had never a thought of absconding with public funds ... although she does claim to be a college graduate who should know what she just said.

2. "Committed to making smart investments to make our County better." Smart in what way and better for whom are not stated.

3. "I am your voice on the County Board." One has to assume she believes the website which has insisted for years that I am a registered Republican (in a state which does not register party affiliation). Were I a liberal who wants some far out things someone else would be my voice.

This candidate closed by offering to answer any specific questions I might think of. There is no address, phone number, or email on her flier so I am not confident she was sincere about that offer.