2/11/2019 10:58

I Like People In the Snow

I like people. I really do. More as objects of observation than as subjects of interaction. Snow has been falling for the days; the snow nearly continuous yesterday and night. With little else going on, I observe people moving the snow about.

Wicked warrior on the west (not his real name) has a customary sequence for snow moving. First he shovels outside his back door and in front of the garage door. Often he also shovels the tire tracks down the length of the drive. Next he takes out the fossil fueled snow throwing machine and walks it slowly up and down the drive and back and forth along the walk. (Depending on the snow conditions, wicked warrior may leave the machine idling while he does some additional hand shoveling.) After returning the snow thrower to its place in the garage, he takes out the leaf blower, also fossil fueled, to move any snow which has blown back onto paved areas into the street and up on the walls of my house.

Wicked warrior is not exceptionally efficient, as you can see. In fact, I'm often able to shovel all my walks and drive clear of snow during the time when he is slowly walking the machine back and forth, up and down.

My neighbor on the opposite side no longer moves the snow himself but instead relies on Estimable Eddie who lives across the street. Estimable Eddie is more efficient, as demonstrated by the fact that I couldn't clear more than half my pavement before Eddie had finished my eastern neighbor's and began moving my snow as well. His machine passed over the second half of the sidewalk and the second half of the drive and even the opening into the street.

Never mind that the snow consisted of 3 inches of light fluffy stuff that anyone able to stand upright could move.

As the night closed in the snow continued. Before morning we had another inch of the light fluffy stuff ... and the plows went through. (I should note that we have enough snow by this point that the plows can't effectively pile it up at the sides of the street. Instead they utilize the openings which residents have cleared thinking we would be able to drive our cars there.)

Early in the morning, before going to work, Estimable Eddie went out with his mechanical snow thrower moving the snow that blocked his own vehicles, moving the new snow from in front of my eastern neighbor's house, and even walking past my house to remove 3/4 of the inch of new snow that had settled on the sidewalk overnight. As for the 10 inches piled up by the snowplow, he left that for me to move with my shovel.

I do like people; they are amusing to watch. Sometimes, but not often, I can even guess what thoughts roil in their heads.