4/3/2017 05:33

Student Theater

I may need to stop attending the "talk-back" sessions following the performance of Saint Norbert College's student theater production. It has become too disconcerting to listen to these naive young people tell us how wonderful is the opportunity to "become" another person.

In actual reality they don't become anyone else. They remain college students, which means that they live most of their lives in a made-up world. College students on stage, trying to create the illusion of being characters who in turn, in the present case, enter into the illusion of being still different characters. It is no wonder that some of the players use plural pronouns to refer to themselves in the cast biorgraphies.

All of this occurs within a vast sensory deprivation chamber which keeps a person so far from the real world that it is not possible to know even whether the rain has started.

Some people may believe that modern theater shares a common thread with its ancient origins, but my opinion is that religion is about discovering your true best self.