5/14/2013 08:39

Under the Weather

We all say we like bright cheerful warm days but apparently we are all liars.

Last week, after a longer, dreary spell of cool and wet, there were a few bright and sunny days right in a row. I felt down. Tired. Unhappy. Out of touch. Uncommunicative. This was followed by a dull Thursday with clouds and the approach of another cold rain. My mood improved at once.

Being in a better mood as the weather worsened seems contradictory and wrong. I mentioned to someone that I was in a better mood but couldn't explain it. He replied that I wasn't the only one; that several people he works with were also in better moods that dreary Thursday than they had been all week.

The lesson here is overcast. My best guess is that what we should learn is that while we think we have a fairly good sense of ourselves and our moods, in actual reality we don't understand ourselves hardly at all.

If that's the lesson, it might lead to panic, frustration, denial, or (the outcome I prefer to advocate) a bit of humility.