4/20/2008 6:46

What Is Art?

Yeah, so I went to like this play? And it was really funny? But there was like this really dark theme, you know? Like, "What is Art?" 'Cause this play was about this guy? who was this girl's art project? Or maybe it was about the girl. I don't know. So it was like, can a guy be an art project? 'Cause it was immoral and stuff. But it was pretty funny.

Like, what's the big deal about art? Everybody keeps asking "What is Art?" Well, not everybody, but like you keep hearing that, like it's some big deal or something, you know?

Don't you like get a vision in your head and then try to get it out so other people can see it? And if you you get it out? That's art, right? But if you don't, then that's nothing 'cause you really didn't do anything. But if you have this vision or whatever, it's really hard to get it out, to express it, you know? So that's the art, if you can do it. You know, get it out?

And, like, if that thing you see is immoral or something, then maybe it's immoral art? I mean, if you can express something? and somebody else can understand it? Then that's still art, right? But it could still be immoral. Like, if you did immoral stuff to get it out. So like if you hurt somebody to express this, like, vision or whatever in your head, then you're doing something immoral.

Or like if it is really ugly. I mean if the thing you see isn't ugly but the painting or the play or whatever is ugly then you're just a bad artist. But, like, if you see something really ugly and then you can get me to see that same ugly thing? Then maybe you're a good artist but it's ugly. So like, ugly art?

I mean, you can't just say "art" and mean everything. There's moral art and ugly art and immoral art. It's not just that's it's art. Or not. There's other stuff to say about it, whatever it is.