West Side Moravian Church

Liturgy for July 22, 2007




Reading: Luke 10: 38-42


Only one is needed:
Only you, Jesus.
Only one is worthy:
Only you, Jesus.
Only one is able:
Only you, Jesus.
Only one has conquered:
Only you, Jesus.
Who will show us the way to walk?
Jesus is our leader.
Who can show us how to live?
Jesus is our leader.
We honor you, Jesus, and you alone.
You alone are the Son of God.
We will follow you, Jesus.
You are our leader and captain.
Jesus, you are our teacher and our elder brother.
We will follow you.
You are the Lamb of God.
We will follow you.
You are the Light of the World.
We will follow you.
You alone have conquered.
We will follow you.
You, Lord, will rule forever.
We will follow you.

W&P #148: Marching in the Light of God

Constantinapolitan (Nicene) Creed – page 22


Reading: Psalm 15

Lord Jesus, only you have walked blamelessly in this human existence.
Forgive us if we have been rightly blamed for spreading discord or for perpetuating divisions or inequity.
We want to follow your example of right action, but we find it difficult.
Forgive us if we have invented uncertainties about what is the right thing to do. Forgive us if we have considered the costs of performing right action equal to your instruction that we should do good.
Strengthen us, Lord Jesus, in speaking the truth.
Help us to speak up in support of others who are doing right. Help us to speak up to support those who are saying the truth. Help us to be truthful ourselves, even when the truth makes us look bad. Help us to live in such a way that every word and action proclaims the truth of your love.
You alone, Lord Jesus, have brought the truth to us.
You, Jesus, are the truth.
Show us the path we should walk.
You, Jesus, are the light of God.
Help us to follow you.

#770: Jesus' Love Unbounded [Zinzendorf]

Time with young people

Reading: Colossians 1: 3-12

We give thanks to you, Jesus, for the faith and love we see around us.
We give you thanks for the hope of being united with you forever.
We give thanks for this congregation.
We thank you for the faith which surrounds us here.
We thank you for your Moravian Church, which you lead as our Chief Elder,
and we thank you for all of God's people who follow you throughout the earth.
We pray for them, for all of us who follow you.
Give us insight so that we might understand your will in our lives.
Help each of your people to live a life that is pleasing to you and worthy of you.
Let our lives bear the fruit of active goodness.
Give each Christian strength to live rightly in every situation.
Give us – and each of your people – fortitude, patience, and joy.
We ask this knowing that your own action has begun to bear fruit in us and that you alone have made us worthy to share the heritage of God's people.

#448 - Let All Things Now Living

Community prayers and the Lord's Prayer

Reading: Colossians 1: 13-14


Our future is based entirely in God's action for us.
Our future is based in Jesus' incarnation and life, in his death and resurrection.
Only one thing is needed:
Christ's love, acted out for us.

#773 - And Can It Be? [Wesley]


Reading: Genesis 18: 1-8



Reading: Colossians 1: 15-20

Message: Jesus Alone


#474 - Love Divine, All Loves Excelling [Wesley]

(Remain standing for the responsive reading of Colossians 1: 21-23†)

21 We used to be far away from God.
Our thoughts made us God's enemies and we did evil things.
22 But God's son became a human being and died.
So God made peace with us. And now God lets us stand in his presence as people who are holy, blameless, and innocent.
23 We must stay deeply rooted and firm in our faith.
We will not give up the hope we received when we heard the good news.


Message: Jesus our Leader


#675 - What Brought Us Together?


† The reading of Colossians 1: 21-23 was adapted from the Contemporary English Version ©American Bible Society 1991.