house/1093_Reed_St/ReedStreetDeed_1951_small.jpg Image: ReedStreetDeed_1951.jpg
Image: ReedStreetDeed_1951_small.jpg
Image of the warranty deed dividing Mr. Primley's Shawano Avenue
property with Alton Cardinal. The deed is poorly drafted. The intent
was to divide the property then owned by Primley, disregarding the
portion already taken by the city for Reed Street. This meant that
Cardinal would have a lot 178 feet in depth. (The description in the
deed could be interpretted to mean that part of the northerly 178
feet of the original platted lot was to be transferred. The correct
interpretation applies the transfers in chronological order: first
take off the street, then measure the 178 feet. The incorrect view
measures the 178 feet from the original line, then excepts the part
previously deeded to the city.) Corner stakes were driven at the
intended property line and aerial photography through the years shows
that the intended property line was continuously recognized. Primley
and Cardinal frequently conversed across the property line while
working their gardens.
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_047_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_047.jpg
Image: Scan_047_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_047_thumb.jpg
Parcel Post

[View down driveway from near garage; oak tree at NE corner of lot. Houses are across Reed Street.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_119_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_119.jpg
Image: Scan_119_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_119_thumb.jpg
House - traffic - road - hydrant
Historical study

[corner of Reed St at Gray St from the Fisk Pool parking lot; 1965]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_120_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_120.jpg
Image: Scan_120_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_120_thumb.jpg
Cardinal bush

[north side of porch, NE corner of 1093 Reed Street; 1965]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_121_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_121.jpg
Image: Scan_121_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_121_thumb.jpg
Blossoming fruit tree

[1965; back yard of 1093 Reed Street]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_122_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_122.jpg
Image: Scan_122_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_122_thumb.jpg
Front view

[1093 Reed Street; 1965]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_123_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_123.jpg
Image: Scan_123_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_123_thumb.jpg
Study in eaves
Fr[ont] porch

[1093 Reed Street; 1965]
[Notation on front indicates the left and lower portion is the front of the house; note the masonry wall. The right and upper section would be the eave of the front porch roof.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_125_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_125.jpg
Image: Scan_125_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_125_thumb.jpg
My room

[1965; 1093 Reed Street. Desk is the one made by my father in high school.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_127_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_127.jpg
Image: Scan_127_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_127_thumb.jpg
Byung Hee [Lee] taking picture of mom & dad

[1965. Front yard of 1093 Reed Street looking eastward. Behind parents are the oak tree and the crabapple tree. Note shadow of front porch.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_130_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_130.jpg
Image: Scan_130_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_130_thumb.jpg
Skippy and the peonies

[1965. Back yard at 1093 Reed Street, looking westerly. Note doghouse built by my father.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_131_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_131.jpg
Image: Scan_131_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_131_thumb.jpg
Dad and Skip
backyard - '65

[1093 Reed Street looking easterly. Note hole in garage wall used by dog in winter. Background house is on Gray Street.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_148_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_148.jpg
Image: Scan_148_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_148_thumb.jpg
[1965. No annotation. Repaving driveway at 1093 Reed Street. Taken from roof of the porch.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_149_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_149.jpg
Image: Scan_149_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_149_thumb.jpg
[1965. No annotation. Repaving driveway at 1093 Reed Street. Taken from roof of the porch.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_150_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_150.jpg
Image: Scan_150_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_150_thumb.jpg
[1965. No annotation. Repaving driveway at 1093 Reed Street. Taken from roof of the porch.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_151_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_151.jpg
Image: Scan_151_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_151_thumb.jpg
[1965. No annotation. Repaving driveway at 1093 Reed Street. Taken from roof of the porch.]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_246_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_246.jpg
Image: Scan_246_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_246_thumb.jpg
My hungry father

[but put in album with 1967 images]
[1093 Reed Street; kitchen table with backdoor and closets in background]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_250_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_250.jpg
Image: Scan_250_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_250_thumb.jpg
Bird on chimney for warmth

[taken from my bedroom, 1093 Reed Street; chimney is on the neighboring garage/office]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_251_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_251.jpg
Image: Scan_251_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_251_thumb.jpg
With Skip

[my bedroom window, 1093 Reed Street; see also Scan 248]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_252_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_252.jpg
Image: Scan_252_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_252_thumb.jpg

[1967; see Scans 249, 251]
[back yard at 1093 Reed Street]
house/1093_Reed_St/Scan_253_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_253.jpg
Image: Scan_253_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_253_thumb.jpg
Backyard with first (or last) snow
'66 (or '67)

[1093 Reed Street. Swingset and Chinese elm tree in foreground; pear tree and apple tree at edge of garden; Mr. Primley's garden and Primley's new and old house beyond.]
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These photos are of the house I was born into and where I grew up.
Most of them were selected from photo albums which appear elsewhere
on this website; for example, in /person/Photos_1965/. (The text
notations sometimes refer to additional images in these albums.)