Tour 2013

snowy stumps
[+] Snowy caps around the fire pit.
ice eddies
[+] Frozen eddies below the island.
water and ice
[+] Water and ice: reflections in the river.
frog pond in spring
[+] The frog pond in springtime.
apple bud
[+] An apple bud.
[+] Fiddlehead sprouting.
[+] A woodchuck in the gully.
[+] Daisies blooming.
pond in the rain
[+] Pond on a rainy day.
joe pie weed
[+] Joe Pie Weed blossoms on the island.
deep green
[+] Deep green of summer on the hillside.
neighboring corn
[+] View of neighboring farm to the east.
maidenhair fern
[+] Maidenhair fern.
new bridge
[+] New bridge across gully near the cabin.
wet leaf
[+] Drops of rain on a fallen leaf.
fall trees
[+] Fall trees.
color through trees
[+] Autumn color seen through the cedar trees.
snowy branches
[+] Early snow on the branches.
snow tracery
[+] Snow and breeze form a sculpture on a bough.
snowy face
[+] Buddy with a snowy face.

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