Woods 2010

Time of Snow
[+] Devil River flowing through the snow south of the island.
[+] Snow Buddy.
[+] Drainage stream flowing into the Imp.
Time of Springs
[+] animal hole
[+] paw track
Animal sign becomes more visible as spring advances …
[+] animal hole
[+] paw track
… the snow begins to melt …
flood downstream of bridge
[+] … and the floods begin.
Time of Flowers
[+] spring beauty
[+] spring beauty and trout lily
Spring beauties sprout before the maple leaves open, joined by trout lilies and bloodroot.
[+] bloodroot
single trillum
[+] A trillium opens under the trees.
[+] Hepaticas blossom on the hill.
cow slip
[+] Cowslips bloom in the lowlands …
[+] … apples blossom against the sky …
[+] … and devil's paintbrush spots the grass.
Time of Fruiting
orange toadstool
[+] Orange toadstools sprout in the trail.
white fungus
[+] White branched fungus fruits in the oak wood.
bracket fungus
[+] Bracket fungus grows on a tree trunk.
orange cup
[+] Orange cup fungus sprout under the ferns.
orange caps
[+] Orange caps leap out of the maple wood.
[+] The river flows through the cedar grove.
Time of Pulling Back
red leaf
[+] An early-turning tree leaf glows in the afternoon sun.
island rapids
[+] Buddy watches the river across from the island.
orange jewelweed
[+] Orange jewelweed blossoms late along the stream from the spring.

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