Cardinal/woods/1996/Scan829_thumb.jpg Full-size: Scan829_image.jpg
Image: Scan829_palm.jpg
Image: Scan829_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan829_text.txt:
Area: maplegrove
Face: SW
Comment: maple grove seen across gully
Cardinal/woods/1996/Scan830_thumb.jpg Full-size: Scan830_image.jpg
Image: Scan830_palm.jpg
Image: Scan830_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan830_text.txt:
Area: gully
Face: N
Comment: Peter and Pepper; photo by Travis Calkins-Delforge
Cardinal/woods/1996/Scan831_thumb.jpg Full-size: Scan831_image.jpg
Image: Scan831_palm.jpg
Image: Scan831_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan831_text.txt:
Area: gully
Comment: stones and leaves, probably in the gully
Cardinal/woods/1996/Scan832_thumb.jpg Full-size: Scan832_image.jpg
Image: Scan832_palm.jpg
Image: Scan832_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan832_text.txt:
Area: hillside
Face: N
Comment: trees viewed over edge of hill, uncertain location
Cardinal/woods/1996/Scan833_thumb.jpg Full-size: Scan833_image.jpg
Image: Scan833_palm.jpg
Image: Scan833_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan833_text.txt:
Area: gully
Face: N
Comment: Travis and Pepper
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Photos scanned from prints made by Peter Cardinal.