Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_030_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_030.jpg
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Image: Scan_030_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_030_text.txt:
Trailer (at woods) and Dad
[south side on old road]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_031_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_031.jpg
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Image: Scan_031_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_031_text.txt:
Dad at woods
Note: He's pulling a sled
[south meadow looking northerly toward cedars]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_032_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_032.jpg
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Image: Scan_032_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_032_text.txt:
Woods - hill
[south meadow looking northeasterly across the river]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_035_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_035.jpg
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Image: Scan_035_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_035_text.txt:
Woods - '65
N. fence
[near gully looking northeastward across neighboring field]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_036_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_036.jpg
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Image: Scan_036_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_036_text.txt:
Ice - woods
spring '65
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_037_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_037.jpg
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Image: Scan_037_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_037_text.txt:
Ice (woods)
spring '65
(on "Imp")
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_038_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_038.jpg
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Image: Scan_038_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_038_text.txt:
Ice patterns
spring '65
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_039_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_039.jpg
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Image: Scan_039_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_039_text.txt:
spring '65
flood (past height)
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_040_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_040.jpg
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Image: Scan_040_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_040_text.txt:
Ice - spring
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_041_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_041.jpg
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Image: Scan_041_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_041_text.txt:
Woods - '65
Tree near trailer fireplace
[Benches around fireplace are visible to the left. Looking southeastward up into the south meadow.]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_042_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_042.jpg
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Text: Scan_042_text.txt:
Grass at woods - 1965
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_043_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_043.jpg
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Text: Scan_043_text.txt:
Winter - 65
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_048_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_048.jpg
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Text: Scan_048_text.txt:
Ice - flood
spring '65
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_049_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_049.jpg
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Image: Scan_049_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_049_text.txt:
Flood - ice
spring '65
(along bridge trail on penninsula)
[Me and Skippy on ice blocks which floated onto the island.]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_050_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_050.jpg
Image: Scan_050_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_050_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_050_text.txt:
spring '65
[Dad standing next to a layered block of ice which had been pushed on top of another block.]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_133_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_133.jpg
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Image: Scan_133_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_133_text.txt:
Going down hill trail at full speed
[Skippy at the woods]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_134_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_134.jpg
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Image: Scan_134_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_134_text.txt:
Starting down the old road
[Dad, mom, Skippy at the woods; looking southerly from right of way]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_135_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_135.jpg
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Image: Scan_135_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_135_text.txt:
Mid. old road looking to abutments
[that is, looking southerly about half way to the river]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_136_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_136.jpg
Image: Scan_136_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_136_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_136_text.txt:
Mom & dad on bridge across Devil R.
[looking across the river from the south side to the island]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_137_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_137.jpg
Image: Scan_137_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_137_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_137_text.txt:
Skip, going across out river
[probably west end of island]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_138_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_138.jpg
Image: Scan_138_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_138_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_138_text.txt:
A woods garden
(2nd yr.; enlarged)
[south meadow looking southerly]
Cardinal/woods/1965/Scan_139_thumb.jpg Image: Scan_139.jpg
Image: Scan_139_palm.jpg
Image: Scan_139_thumb.jpg
Text: Scan_139_text.txt:
Raising the flag on
flagpole hill
[1965; west central part of south meadow]