12/1/2018 12:17

Christmas Shopping

At this season of the year it becomes obvious that I was born into the wrong economy. I hate shopping. I dislike driving. I despise driving to go shopping. And I become extremely annoyed when every 2 to 3 years I grit my teeth, drive to a store, and walk the aisles only to find that they no longer carry the one product I was looking for.

It's not available on the web, either. So much for taking a deep breath and waiting for the future economy to overtake us. (Not to mention that the economy of the future seems poised to discount the individuality of human persons even more deeply than the economy of the present day.)

I have sometimes thought that I could be quite comfortable living in a society which is 80% Iroquoian (circa 1500s) and around 15% European Christian pacifist (of around the same time period), a conceptual amalgam which is impossible historically and ludicrous sociologically and therefore certainly comformable to me.

One might guess that the remaining 5% of this idyllic society would consist solely of myself, in which case the entirety of the community might be limited to 20 people, a situation which would be delusional economically but quite amenable psychologically.

In actual reality my participation in the present economy is narrow, small, and mostly indirect except for the biennial forays into the cluttered spaces, tangible or virtual, within which the millstones of modernity grind.