2/24/2018 09:33

Water Skiing

Water skiing never held much attraction for me; too much speed, too much noise, too much energy wasted in pulling the skiers, and far too much exposure to the observation of tourists lining the beach. Once I was with a group of people who went water skiing. They were people I knew a little bit and liked well enough and so I rode along.

After motoring at high speed back and forth across the water several times, the party took a break. With the skiier still in the water, the boat operator stepped aft to engage in a spirited conversation. I have no idea what it was about. What I said was, "She's drifting in." They kept talking and talking until suddenly the skier said, "Cut the motor please!" -- for she had just noticed the propeller was rather close.

Subsequently there was some more motoring back and forth and then we returned to the dock. A boy stepped over to help us in, asking, "Toss me the rope." But nobody did. The party docked and debarked and went our way.

Water skiing never held much attraction for me. As for this party of water skiers, they paid no attention to me or to their circumstances in the water or to a helpful adolescent at the dock. They didn't seem to have much to offer. So far as I know, I never saw any of them again.