1/30/2018 15:38

On misplaced technology

Last night I drove home after the study group at the church. I rescued the dog from the cold, put my wallet away, and said, "Where's my cellphone? I'm sure I had my phone at church." I went outside and checked the truck; not on the seat or the floor. I went back inside and checked the house; not lying in the chairs or on the floors.

Figuring that the phone must have fallen out while I was at the church I looked at the dog and said, "Buddy, I have a church key. Do you want to take a ride?" So we got in the truck, backed out of the driveway, drove down to the corner, turned south and drove the two blocks to the traffic signals on Shawano Avenue. As the lights changed, I said, "Oh." Then I said, "We aren't going as far as I was thinking; we'll just drive far enough to make sure the engine is warmed up."

The lesson here is that, in actual reality, you can't lose your phone until after you take it out of your pocket.