10/17/2016 08:48

See Sharp

This was one of those sub-clinical weekends. I could tell there was some sort malevolent microorganism rampant because, for example, I needed 15 hours of sleep per day. But there were no overt symptoms at the level permitting one to complain to a healthcare professional, so my complaints were limited to the unprofessional.

This is all prelude to noting that due to these background conditions my biting wit and mental prowess were somewhat suppressed on Sunday morning at the Moravian church.

And that, in turn, is but preface to my boast of the weekend: Despite all the above, I was still sharp at the end of the morning. C-sharp, to be precise.

It is a fact that I am not listed among the musical greats of the Moravian Tradition and not merely because I refuse to be listed among the Moravians. I can't quite read music, for example. I do know the encoding of the treble and bass clefs and I can laboriously translate written music by applying my significant analytical capabilities. (You see? We're already getting into the boasting.)

On Sunday, a rump Children's Chime Choir was rehearsing after Sunday School. (That is, 2 children were playing while the teenaged leader's mother covered for some missing performers.) They were attempting to play Marty Haugen's "Bring Forth the Kingdom [of God]" and were doing a moderately creditable job for 8- and 10-year children. But when they reached the penultimate note of the refrain, the "of" in "City of God", everyone agreed the sound was wrong.

None of them could pinpoint what was wrong about it.

It took me to look up the music, observe the key signature and ask, "Is that C or C#?" Knowing, of course, that they should be playing the C# chime and that it must not be the right one, else it would have sounded tuneful.

So there. In actual reality I'm sharp. Well played!