3/30/2016 10:52

Help and Guidance

The group of kids of middle school age were working on a crossword puzzle pertinent to the current lesson. Perhaps I should note that I wrote the puzzle, which may suggest that it was non-trivial for that age group. "How can we be expected to solve this," asked one slightly frustrated student, "without help and guidance?"

That's very good, I responded. That's the real lesson here. In this exercise you are not without help and guidance. The other students were sharing their knowledge and I was at hand with suggestions and hints.

The larger lesson is the same. In the actual reality game you are not left without help and guidance. Some people do choose to play without making use of the panoply of available assistance. If they do so to explore their own capabilities, that may tactically effective. A better strategy overall is to accept all the help and guidance you may need.