Cardinal Family Tree

Alton Lyle Cardinal
← discussed in the family legends
Gilbert Henry Cardinal
Joseph Cardinal
Joseph Cardinal
Josephine des Cornia (Cardinal)
Mary Ann Johnston (Cardinal)
S.S. Johnston
Mary Langril (Johnston)
Lillie Minnie Strahl (Cardinal)
Hermann Strahl
Hermann Strahl
A. ___ (Strahl)
Lillie Roy (Strahl) (Whipple)
Joseph Roy
Mary ___ (Roy) (Moritz)

Pivot Rock Ensign

Beatrice Cardinal
← discussed in the Ferslev family story
Neils Lauritzen Ferslev
Neils Lauritzen Ferslev
(d. 1880)
Inga Marie Jacobsen (Ferlsev)
← discussed in the Jeffcott family story
Clara Anne Jeffcott (Ferslev)
Charles Henry Jeffcott
Sarah A. Richardson (Jeffcott)
Lucy Doty (Jeffcott)
John Doty

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