Index to the Psalms

Book 1: Psalms of David

God's justice is on the side of the oppressed. God's mercy is on the side of the repentant.
Psalm Superscription Synopsis
1 Happy is the man who finds pleasure in Yahweh's guidance. He is like a tree planted by living water.
2 Why are the nations in an uproar? 'This is my king, installed by me.' 'You are my son. I will give you the nations as your inheritance.'
3 Psalm. Of David. When he was escaping from his son Absolam. I have so many enemies. You help me hold up my head. Now I can go to sleep and then rise up again.
4 For the choirmaster: For strings. Psalm. Of David. God, guardian of my rights, answer me! Give up sinning. Speak in your hearst and be silent. In peace I lie down. You alone make me rest secure.
5 For the choirmaster: For flutes. Psalm. Of David. Let my words come to your ears. At dawn I offer my sacrifice. Make your way plain before me. Make their plots their own downfall.
6 For the choirmaster: For strings, for the octachord. Psalm. Of David. Do not punish me in your rage. How long must I wait? I am worn out. Yahweh has heard my weeping.
7 Lamentation. Of David, who sang it to Yahweh about Cush the Benjaminite. Yahweh, I take shelter in you. Give judgement for me as my virtue and integrity deserve. The enemy is pregnant with wickedness, conceiving Spite, giving birth to Mishap. His brutality falls back on his own skull.
8 For the choirmaster: On the harp of Gath. Psalm. Of David. Yahweh, our Lord, how great is your name through all the earth. Yet you have made human beings little less than Gods.
9 For the choirmaster: For oboe and harp. Psalm. Of David. [alphabetical] I thank you with all my heart. May Yahweh be a stronghold in time of trouble. Rise, Yahweh, let not man have the upper hand.
10 Yahweh, why do you stand aside? The poor are devoured; the evil boast of their evil desires. You listen to the desires of the lowly.
11 For the choirmaster: Of David. In Yahweh I take shelter. Yahweh is in his holy temple, his gaze searches all people.
12 For the Choirmaster: For the octachord. Of David. Save us, Yahweh! There is not a good man left. May Yahweh slice off every flattering lip because the needy are oppressed.
13 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. How long will you forget me? Forever? Look, and answer me! Give my eyes light or I will sleep in death.
14 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. [same as 53] The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' All have turned aside. When Yahweh bring his people home, what joy for Jacob.
15 Psalm. Of David. Who has the right to enter your tent? The one who always does what is right.
16 Miktam. Of David. Look after me. I take shelter in you. You are all I have and you give me all I need. My heart exults, my body rests secure. You will show me the path of life.
17 Prayer. Of David. Hear the plea of an innocent man. Hide me in the shadow of your wings. Save me from those who have everything they want.
18 For the choirmaster: Of David, the servant of Yahweh, who addressed the words of this song to Yahweh when Yahweh delivered him from the power of his enemies and of Saul. He said: [parallel 2 Samuel 22] I love you. You are my strength and deliverer. In my distress I called to Yahweh. You keep faith with the faithful. My God lights up my darkness, with my God I leap the wall. Blessed be my rock who gives me vengeance.
19 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. The heavens declare the glory of God. The sun comes out like a hero to run his race. Yahweh's instruction is perfect, renewing life. But who can detect his own failings?
20 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. May Yahweh answer you in time of trouble. May he be pleased with your offerings. Some boast of their chariots but we boast of the name of Yahweh.
21 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. The king is glad because of your strength. Your hand will unmask all your enemies. Rise, Yahweh, in your power!
22 For the choirmaster: To 'The Doe of the Dawn'. Psalm. Of David. My God, my God, why have you abandoned me? Our ancestors put their trust in you. yet I am no longer a man, I am like water draining away. Do not stand aside, Yahweh. Yahweh haas not disdained the poor. Yahweh rules. My soul will live for him.
23 Psalm. Of David. Yahweh is my shepherd; I have everything I need. I will not be afraid. Goodness and kindness will pursue me.
24 Psalm. Of David. The earth belongs to Yahweh. Who has the right to go up Yahweh's mountain? Those whose hands are clean, whose hearts are pure. [compare 15]
25 Of David. [alphabetical] To you I lift up my soul. Teach me your ways. Yahweh guides the humble in the right way. See how my enemies multiply; let innocence and integrity guiard me.
26 Of David. Yahweh, be my judge. I wash my hands in innocence and join the procession around your altar.
27 Of David. Yahweh is my light and my salvation. Even if war were waged against me my trust would still be firm. One thing I seek: to live in Yahweh's house. If my father and mother desert me Yahweh will still care for me.
28 Of David. I call to you, my rock. Do not drag me away with the wicked. Yahweh is my strength.
29 Psalm. Of David. Pay tribute to Yahweh, children of God. The voice of Yahweh shatters the cedars. Yahweh blesses his people with peace.
30 Canticle for the dedication of the house. Of David. I praise you because you have helped me up. Tears my flow inthe night but joy comes in the morning. My heart will play you music.
31 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. In you I take shelter. you are my rock and my fortress. My life is worn out with sorrow. But I say, 'you are my God.' Yahweh protects the faithful.
32 Of David. Poem. Happy the one whose sin is forgiven. At last I admitted my sin to you. 'I will instruct you and be your advisor.'
33 Shout for joy to Yahweh. The word of the Lord is true. Yahweh spoke and the earth was created. Yahweh thwarts the plans of nations.
34 Of David. After pretending to be crazy before Abimelech he was sent away and made his escape. [alphabetical] I will bless Yahweh at all times. Taste and see how good Yahweh is. The good may suffers many hardships, but Yahweh rescues him from them all.
35 Of David. Accuse my accusers; attack my attackers. May their way be dark and slippery. 'How much longer will you watch? Do not let my enemies gloat over me.
36 For the choirmaster: Of the servant of Yahweh, David. The wicked man's oracle is Sin in his heart. He plots mischief even in his bed. We find protection in the shadow of your wings and drink from your river of delight. Where the evil have fallen, there they lie.
37 Of David. [alphabetical] Do not worry about the wicked. The humble shall have the land for their won but sinners will be completely destroyed.
38 Psalm. Of David. In commemoration. Do not punish me in your rage. Your arrows have pierced me. Yes, I admit my guilt. Do not desert me, do not stand aside.
39 For the choirmaster: For Jeduthun. Psalm. Of David. I said, 'I will watch what I do.' You have given me an inch or two of life. I am your guest, and only for a little while.
40 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. I waited and waited for Yahweh. He has put a new song in my mouth. I have made no secret of you love and faithfulness. [includes 70]
41 For the choirmaster: Psalm. Of David. Happy the one who cares for the poor. All who hate me whisper, 'He is fatally ill.' But Yahweh, take pity on me.
Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Israel, form all eternity and forever. Amen and amen.

Book 2: God's Help

Psalm Superscription Synopsis
42 For the choirmaster: A Maskil. Of the Korahites. As a deer longs for the water … Why am I so sad?
43 Vindicate me, God. Your light will lead me. Why am I so troubled?
44 For the choirmaster: A Maskil. Of the Korahites. We have heard the great thing you did. Wake up, Lord! Don't reject us forever.
45 For the choirmaster: On shoshannin. Of the Korahites. A maskil. A love song. I speak my poem to a king. Bride, forget your people.
46 A song by the sons of Korah. God is our shelter and strength; the God of Jacob is our refuge. 'Stop fighting and know that I am God.'
47 A psalm by the sons of Korah. Clap your hands, all peoples. God reigns over the nations.
48 A psalm by the sons of Korah. A song. The Lord is great and highly to be praised. We have heard and now have seen.
49 A psalm by the sons of Korah. A person can never redeem himself.
50 A psalm by Asaph. Our God is coming but not in silence. 'I will testify against you.' 'All creation is mine.' 'Thanks is the sacrifice that humors me.'
51 A psalm by David. After Nathan the prophet had spoken to him about his adultery with Bathsheba. Be merciful to me. Wash me and I will be whiter than snow. Create a new heart in me.
52 A poem by David. After Doeg the Edomite went to Saul and told him that David had gone to the house of Ahimelech. Why do you boast of your evil? God will ruin you forever, but I am like an olive tree in the house of God.
53 A poem by David. [same as 14] The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.' All have turned aside. When Yahweh bring his people home, what joy for Jacob.
54 A poem by David. After the men from Ziph went to Saul and told him that David was hiding in their territory. Save me by your power. I have seen my enemies defeated.
55 A poem by David. Hear my prayer; I am terrified. I would fly away. Confuse the speech of my enemies; his words were smoother than cream. Leave your troubles with the Lord.
56 A psalm by David. After the Philistines captured him in Gath. I am under attack. What can a mere human do to me? I walk in the light.
57 A psalm by David. After he fled from Saul in the cave. In the shadow of your wings … God supplies every need. Show your greatness in the sky; I will wake up the sun.
58 A psalm by David. Do rulers ever give a just decision? Evil men are like snakes … lions … snails … There is indeed a God.
59 A psalm by David. After Saul sent men to watch his house in order to kill him. Save me from my enemies. They are waiting to kill me … like dogs … But you laugh at them. My refuge is my God who loves me.
60 A psalm by David. For teaching. When he fought against the Arameans from Naharaim and from Zobah and Joab turned back and killed 12,000 Edomites in Salt Valley. You have rejected us, God. With God on our side we will win.
61 By David. Hear my cry; I despair. Far from home I will call to you.
62 A psalm by David. I depend on God alone. God alone protects and saves me. Don't put trust in violence; power belongs to God.
63 A psalm by David. When he was in the desert of Judea. You are my God. My whole being desires you. My soul thirsts for you. In the shadow of your wings I sing.
64 A psalm by David. I am in trouble, God. They sharpen their tongues like swords.
65 A psalm by David. A song. It is right for us to praise you. Our faults defeat us, but you forgive them. You calm the roar of the waves and the uproar of the people. You fill streams with water and provide earth with crops.
66 A song. Praise God with shouts of joy. Come and see what God has done. You have put us to the test.
67 A song. Be merciful to us and bless us. You judge the people with justice. The land has produced its harvest.
68 A psalm by David. A song. God rises up and scatters his enemies. God cares for orphans and protects widows. When you led your people the earth shook. Praise the Lord who carries our burdens. Scatter those who love to make war. Proclaim God's power.
69 By David. The water is up to my neck. There is no solid ground. Insults have broken my heart. I will praise God with a song.
70 A psalm by David. A lament. [included in 40] [compare 55] Save me, God; help me now. Defeat my enemies. May those who come to you be glad.
71 I come to you for protection. I have trusted you since I was young. Do not reject me now that I am old. On my harp I will play hymns to you.
72 By Solomon Teach the king to judge. May the king be like rain on the fields. He rescues the needy and the neglected.
God is our refuge and our protector in all seasons.

Book 3: God's Chosen Land

Psalm Superscription Synopsis
73 By Asaph. God is indeed good to Israel but I had almost lost confidence. I tried to think this through but it was difficult. When me feelings were hurt I was as stupid as an animal. God is my strength; he is all I need. How wonderful to be near God.
74 A poem by Asaph. Why have you abandoned us like this? Will you be angry with your own people forever? There are no prophets left. You have been our king since the beginning. Rouse yourself and defend you cause.
75 A psalm by Asaph. A song. We give thanks to you, God. It is God who is the judge. He will break the wicked but the powerof the righteous will increase.
76 A psalm by Asaph. A song. God is known in Judah. God makes men fear him and terrifies great kings.
77 A psalm by Asaph. I cry aloud to God and he hears me. When I think of God, I sigh; When I meditate, I feel discouraged. Has God stopped loving us? I will remember your great deeds.
78 A poem by Asaph. Listen my people to my teaching. We will tell the next generation. He divided the sea and led his people through it. He led his people out like a shepherd. But they rebelled. He chose his servant David.
79 A psalm by Asaph. The heathen have invaded your land. Will you be angry forever? Forgive our sin for the sake of your honor.
80 A psalm by Asaph. A testimony. Listen to us, shepherd of Israel. you have given us sorrow to eat, a cup of tears to drink. Your brought a grapevine out of Egypt. bring us back, Lord God Almighty.
81 By Asaph. Shout for joy to God our defender. Start the music and beat the tamborines. 'I let you put down your loads of bricks.' 'How I wish my people would listen to me.'
82 A psalm by Asaph. God presides in the heavenly council. 'Defend the rights of the poor.' 'You are gods.' Come, God, and rule the world.
83 A psalm by Asaph. A song. Do not keep silent, God. Scatter your enemies like dust.
84 A psalm by the sons of Korah. How I love your temple, God. Even the sparrows have built a nest near your altar. How happy are those whose strength comes from you. One day in your temple is better than 100 anywhere else.
85 A psalm by the sons of Korah. Lord you have been merciful to your land. Will you be angry with us forever? Love and faithfulness will meet; righteousness and peace will embrace.
86 A prayer by David. Listen to me and answer me. Save me because I am loyal to you. Teach me what you want me to do. You are merciful and loving.
87 A psalm by the sons of Korah. A song. The Lord built his city on a sacred hill. Of Zion it willbe said that all nations belong there.
88 A psalm by the sons of Korah. A song. Lord God my savior, I cry out all night. You have made my friends abandon me. Why do you reject me?
89 A poem by Ethan the Ezrahite. I will always sing of your constant love. Heaven is your and earth too. You gave us our king but you are angry with your chosen king. Where are the promises you made to David?
Blessed is the Lord forever. Amen and Amen.

Book 4: The Glory and Majesty of the Lord is Shown in God's Actions

Psalm Superscription Synopsis
90 A prayer of Moses, the man of God You have always been our home. You carry us like a flood. Our life fades away like a whisper. Who knows what fear your fury brings? Give us as happiness now as the sadness you gave before.
91 Whoever goes to the Lord for safety, God will cover you with his wings. God will put his angels in charge of you.
92 A song for the sabbath How good it is to give thanks to you, to proclaim your constant love every morning. How great are your deeds! how deep your thoughts! The righteous will flourish like palm trees.
93 The Lord is king and rules supreme. Your laws are eternal and your temple is holy.
94 You are a God who punishes. Reveal your anger. God made our ears - can't he hear? Justice will again be found in the courts.
95 Come, let us praise the Lord! The Lord is a great king over all the gods. Let us kneel before the Lord our maker.
96 [compare 98, also 1 Chronicles 16] Sing to the Lord a new song. Glory and majesty surround him. Be glad, earth and skky! The trees will shout for joy. He will rule with justice and fairness.
97 The Lord is king. Earth, be glad. His lightning lights up the world. The people of Zion are glad.
98 [compare 96] Sing to the Lord a new song. he has won the victory. Blow trumpets; clap your hands, rivers.
99 The Lord is king and the people tremble. You answered your people. Our God is holy.
100 A psalm of thanksgiving. Sing to the Lord, all the earth. He made us; we are his. The Lord is good; his love is eternal.
101 A psalm by David. My song is about loyalty and justice. I will live a pure life in my house.
102 A prayer by a weary sufferer who pours out his complaints to the Lord. My life is disappearing like smoke. I am like a lonely bird on the housetop. But you are king forever. Our children will live in safety.
103 By David. Praise the Lord, my soul. The Lord judges in favor of the oppressed, is merciful, slow to anger, and full of love. As high as the sky … as far as the east … Our life is like grass. The Lord is king over all.
104 How great you are. You spread out the heavens like a tent. You have made so many things. When you turn away they are afraid. Earth trembles … mountains smoke. I will sing to the Lord all my life.
105 [i] [compare 1 Chronicles 16] Give thanks to the Lord, proclaim his greatness. His commands are for all the world. He remembered his promise to Abraham so he led his chosen people out.
106 [ii] Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good. Remember me when you help your people. We have sinned as our ancestors did. Many times the Lord saved his people, but they chose to rebel. Save us, bring us back.
Blessed is the Lord, God of Israel, from eternity to eternity. Let all the people say, 'Amen.' Hallelujah.

Book 5: Praise for God's Glory

Psalm Superscription Synopsis
107 [compare 106, 118, 131] Some wandered in the trackless desert. God satisfies the thirsty and fills the hungry with good things. Some went down to the sea in ships. He rescues the needy in their misery.
108 A psalm. Of David. A song. [compare 57, 60] I have complete confidence. Show your greatness in the sky. Human help is worthless. With God on our side we will win.
109 A Psalm. Of David. I will praise you; don't remain silent. Choose some corrupt judge to try my enemy. He cursed as naturally as he dressed himself; let his curses soak into his body like water. But help me as you have promised.
110 A psalm. Of David. The Lord said to my lord, 'Sit at my right side.' 'You will be a priest forever.' The king will drink from the stream by the road.
111 Praise the Lord! With all my heart I will thank the Lord. The Lord does not let us forget his wonderful ways. The way to be wise is to have reverence for the Lord.
112 Praise the Lord! Happy is the one who reveres the Lord. Light shines in the darkness for a good man. He is not afraid of receiving bad news.
113 Praise the Lord! You servants of the Lord, praise his name. There is no one like Yahweh our God. He raises the poor from the dust. Praise the Lord!
114 When the people of Israel left Egypt the Red Sea looked and ran away. Tremble, earth, at the Lord's coming.
115 To you alone, and not to us, must glory be given. Our God is in heaven and does whatever he wishes. Heaven belongs to the Lord alone but he gave earth to human beings.
116 I love the Lord because he hears me. The Lord protects the helpless. How painful it is to the Lord when one of his people dies. In the assembly of all your people I will give what I promised.
117 Praise the Lord all peoples.
118 Give thanks to the Lord because he is good. The Lord is with me; what can anyone do to me? The stone which the builders reject becomes the most important. May God bless the one who comes in the name of the Lord.
119 Happy are those who lives are faultless, who live according to the law of the Lord. Wicked men have laid a trap for me. I keep your law in my heart. I want to know your judgements at all times. Keep me from going the wrong way. Keep me from paying attention to worthless things. I will live in perfect freedom. In the night I remember you. I have considered my conduct and promise to follow your instructions. My punishment was good for me. I am worn out waiting for you to save me. If your law were not my joy I would have died. I understand more than all my teachers. Your word is a lamp to guide me. Hold me and I will be safe. It is time for you to act. Your teachings are wonderful. I am filled with trouble and anxiety but your commandments bring me joy. The heart of your law is truth. Seven times a day I thank you. I wander about like a lost sheep; come and look for me.
120 When I was in trouble I called to the Lord. Save me from liars and deceivers. When I speak of peace they are for war.
121 I look to the mountains. Where will my help come from? The protector of Israel never dozes or sleeps. The sun will not hurt you by day nor the moon by night.
122 Of David. I was glad when they said, 'Let us go to the Lord's house.' Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.
123 I look up to you as a servant depends on his master. We have been mocked too long by the rich.
124 Of David. What if the Lord had not been on our side? We have escaped like a bird from a snare.
125 Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so Yahweh surrounds his people.
126 When the Lord brought us back to Jerusalem it was like a dream. Let those who wept as they planted gather the harvest with joy.
127 By Solomon. If the Lord does not build the house the work of the builders is useless. Children are a gift from God.
128 Happy are those who obey the Lord. May you live to see your grandchildren.
129 Israel, tell how your enemies persecuted you but the Lord has freed us from slavery.
130 Out of the depths I cry to you. Who could escape being condemned? But you forgive us.
131 By David. I have given up my pride. I am content and at peace like a child in its mother's arms.
132 Do not forget David and all he endured. Come to the temple with your covenant box.
133 By David. How wonderful it is to live together in harmony. It is like dew on Mount Hermon.
134 Come praise the Lord, all his servants.
135 Praise God's name. The Lord does whatever he wishes. The Lord will defend his people.
136 Give thanks to God because he is good. His love is eternal. He built the earth on deep waters. He led the people out of Egypt. He led his people throught he desert. He did not forget us when we were defeated. His loves is eternal.
137 By the rivers of Babylon we sat down and wept. How can we sing to the Lord in a strange land? Happy is the one who pays you back for what you have done to us.
138 By David. I thank you with all my heart. You care for the lowly and the proud can't hide from you. Complete the work you have begun.
139 A psalm by David. You have examined me and know me. Where could I escape from you? All your works are wonderful. I am wonderful. How difficult I find your thoughts. How I hate those who hate you.
140 A psalm by David. Save me from evil men. Don't let my enemies be victorious. May evil overtake violent men and destroy them.
141 A psalm by David. I call to you; help me now. Receive my upraised hands as an evening sacrifice. Keep me from wanting to do wrong. May the wicked fall into their own traps while I go by unharmed.
142 A poem by David. When he was in the cave; a prayer. I call to the Lord for help. I plead with him. You are my protector. You are all I want in this life.
143 A psalm by David. Hera my prayer. No one is innocent in your sight. Like dr ground my soul thrists for you. I have lost all hope. Be good to me and guide me.
144 By David. Praise the Lord my protector. He trains me for battle. What is a man? A puff of wind. Tear the sky open and come down. Save me from foreigners who never tell the truth. May our sons be like plants that grow strong.
145 A song of praise by David. I will proclaim your greatness. I will thank you forever. I will meditate on your wonderful deeds. The Lord is loving, slow to anger. All your creatures praise you.
146 Praise the Lord, my soul. I will praise God as long as I live. Don't put your trust in human leaders. The Lord judges inn favor of the oppressed. God protects the strangers.
147 Praise the Lord. It is good to sing praise to our God. He has decided the number of the stars. He raises the humble. He give instruction to Israel.
148 Praise the Lord from heaven, angels and moon. Praise the Lord from earth, lightning, hills, and trees. Praise the Lord kings and all people.
149 Praise the Lord. Sing a new song to the Lord. The Lord takes pleasure in his people. Let them praise God with sharp swords in their hands.
150 Praise God in his temple. Praise him with drums and dancing. Praise the Lord all living creatures.

Created in the 1990s.
Updated and formatted in 2009.

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