Gospel According to John, chapter 17

High Priestly Prayer

10 11. 10 10 (or 55 56. 55 55)

Now the time has come, now the moment true.
Power give the son, to raise that power to you.
Raised up to give life to the given ones;
on the earth empowered, where our work is done.
Image from yourself, speaking your own word.
Since the cosmos formed, it is a gift from you.
Word you give to me, word I give to them.
Faithful I have come; you they know through me.
I will plead for them, those you gave to me.
They are all still yours, are mine: yourself in them.
All whom I was given I have kept within;
kept away from ruin following the word.
Now I come to you. I've already gone.
Holy Father hold them one as we are one.
Now before I leave I still ask one thing:
Let your fullest joy grow within their soul.
I gave them your word. I gave them your self;
parted from this world, the world that I have left.
Don't take them away from the earthly ways,
but from worthlessness they have now been saved.
Sanctify their lives in reality.
Just as I was sent, to earth they too are sent.
I am sanctified on behalf of them
so that they may be sanctified in truth.
For them here I beg, not for them alone;
also those to come, who hear the word of truth:
that they live in us, as you live in me,
so that they in us show I come from you.
So they will be one, just as we are one.
You gave self to me, that self I give to them.
Them and you and me, one perfected be;
so the cosmos knows, you love them as me.
Father, those you gave: I want them with me
so that they might see perfect identity,
so that they may know that your love for me
has remained unchanged since the world was made.
Upright Father God! Earth has never known.
But I know you well; they know I come from you.
I have made you known and I will again.
Your love lives in them. In them I will live.

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